About us

123What we can offer and our experience.

Business in Siam exists to help out with all issues with connections to Thailand, both for companies and individuals. We are established in Bangkok and Lund, Sweden.

Many of us are attracted of Thailand’s fast economic expansion, the nice climate, the people, climate and all that has made Thailand to one of the world´s most attractive countries for investment, tourism and senior residence.

Some challenges still make many to hesitate;

  • The bureaucracy
  • System of rules difficult to overview and change often
  • The difficulty to choose the right partner, Lawyer, Accountant, Broker, Supplier, Business partner.

Business in Siam’s business idea is to take care of all the complicated. With our experience and wide network we can we can handle all permissions and contacts in Thailand. We take responsibility for the complete delivery and handle all contacts with Thai authorities and partners.