Wong Amat Garden Beach - Pattaya

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For sale 4,500,000 ฿ - Condominium
952 Bedrooms2 Bathrooms Contact me, I am interested!

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It’s 2 units side by side with a big balcony that connects the 2 studios, keep them separated, or open the wall and get a huge livingroom and 2 bedrooms, big possibilitys. Alots of nice updates has already been made both inside and outside. The units is on the 16th floor, and have really nice sea views. Sale fully furnished. Only about 200 meters from nice Wong Amat Beach. And close to everything that Pattaya has to offer. Should be seen.

Buy the 2 studios as they are together for the really good price 4,5MB

Or buy One 2,35MB (47sqm)

Or the other 2,5MB Corner unit (48sqm)

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